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    The '&' symbolizes our commitment to inclusivity and versatility, catering to diverse hair types and needs, perfect for anyone in search of natural hair care solutions. 

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    "Relief' represents our dedication to addressing common hair challenges — from hydrating dry scalps, calming irritation, to reducing hair fall and encouraging growth.

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    'Botanicals' reflect our core principle of utilizing nature's strength to enrich, fortify, and rejuvenate both scalp and hair. Together, &Relief Botanicals stands for holistic, effective care for your hair, inspired by the best of nature.




Greetings, and a warm welcome to you! My name is LaCretia, and I bring over 23 years of expertise as a Master Loctician of Nappturally U, along with my role as the CEO and Creator of &Relief Botanicals.

You've entered the realm of &Relief Botanicals, a sanctuary where the wonders of nature blend seamlessly with the care your hair and scalp crave. Our mission embarked from a deep-seated belief: to forge a collection of hair care solutions that cherish and enhance the vitality of your hair and scalp, all through the bountiful offerings of nature.



I have been loving the elixir! I have been dealing with scalp issues for years. Since I’ve been using the elixir I have seen a huge improvement! The flakiness that I usually experience has decreased greatly and I also have noticed my hair has been growing in thicker which is an added bonus. I am so grateful for this elixir and the relief it’s given me.


The elixir is probably the best I’ve used to this day! Its lightweight and has a great scent. The applicator tip helps me target hard to reach and dry areas of my hair. My hair is extremely dry, and I often have dry spots throughout. When used consistently, my itchiness and dryness has gone away almost completely. I love it!


I am absolutely in love with the &Relief elixir! As someone who suffers from dermatitis in the scalp and thinning edges, the elixir has made such a difference to the overall health of my scalp. My hair is healthy and full and I have not had any outbreaks/irritation in my scalp since using the elixir. 10/10 would recommend!


I love this elixir for many reasons:
- it neutralizes any odor that could arise between wash days
-It soothes and prevent any itchiness
-leaves my scalp feeling refreshed
- beautiful sheen


I've been using this elixir for over 6 months and I can say this truly works wonders for my hair. I’ve experienced intense dandruff my entire life. I would get my hair washed and styled but dandruff would show up by day 3. If I scratched my scalp it would appear like it’s snowing lol. I’ve tried tons of products over the years but nothing helped. During my first appointment with LaCretia she used the elixir in my hair after styling it. The aroma lingered in my hair for over a week and I received so many compliments on how my hair smelled. I noticed after week 1 there was no dandruff so during my next appointment I asked for a bottle to take home. I put it on every other day and it makes my hair extremely hydrated. This elixir is magical to my scalp and has reduced my dandruff by at least 80%. This elixir has the perfect body and doesn’t just sit on your hair, it’s not too thin that it runs down your neck, it’s a great balance. I recommend this elixir to everyone in my tribe, I even use it on my daughter’s hair (5 yrs old).


My hair has grown so much using the elixir. It smells fantastic,  a few drops of it goes a long way!  Prior to using this product my scalp was dry and full of dandruff. I’ve been using the elixir for 8 months and there is little to no dandruff in between my Retwist. Great product highly recommended. 



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